Frequently Asked Questions.

You should inform us in advance of your food allergies and our kitchen staff will adjust the food and preparation of food accordingly.

We have different options for how the meat is used - no meat is wasted.

No, one of our staff members will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the airport.

Please see US embassy website, but we would advise you not to take any shots, because it is not necessary.

The summers are long, hot, and partly cloudy, and the winters are short, cool, dry, and clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 45°F to 90°F and is rarely below 39°F or above 98°F.

The hot season lasts for 6,5 months, from September 13 to March 28, with an average daily high temperature above 87°F. The hottest day of the year is February 10, with an average high of 90°F and low of 70°F.

The cool season lasts for 2.1 months, from May 31 to August 1, with an average daily high temperature below 78°F. The coldest day of the year is July 5, with an average low of 45°F and high of 75°F.

We are open right through the year, but April to September is popular months for hunting safaris.

Lions, leopard, antelopes, and medium game: calibers 7 mm, 300 or 30.06 will be sufficient.

You can hire a rifle at $60 per client per day – excluding ammo and cast.

See gun paperwork forms on our website.

We also do gun clearance for you at $250 per client. This can save you a lot of time and money at the airport because your guns are already cleared.

We offer all the different species in South Africa, from the Big 5 to the Small 5.

We also have some wonderful concessions all over Southern Africa where we take our clients for species not found in our own areas.

Hunting is excellent throughout the year and it depends on what kind of temperatures you enjoy. October through to March is our summer months and maximum temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius can be expected.

April to September is our cooler months and in the middle of Winter, minimum Temperatures of around freezing can be expected early morning and in the evening.

Limpopo Province is a malaria free area and no other specific vaccines are needed.

Malaria Tablets is required when visiting the Kruger National Park.

Hunting is mostly done by spot and stalk methods.

Hunting Vehicles is used to get to good areas to start walking or until game is spotted.
Methods can be adjusted according to the fitness of our clients.

  • Rifle
  • Bow
  • Air- rifle

.300 Win Mag is a very good all-around calibre for African Game.
For Dangerous Game, a minimum of .375 H&H needs to be used.

Hunting range is between 100 to 250 yards.

  • Trips to the crocodile farm
  • Game drives
  • Bush walks
  • Jewellery and curio shops
  • Fishing
  • Bird watching
  • Beauty spa
  • Golf
  • White lion project

All Flights out of America, Europe and Australia will first arrive in Johannesburg, there we meet and greet most of our clients.

You are responsible for your own flight arrangements.

We at Motshwere Safaris would gladly help with the import documents of your rifle. All you need to send us is a:

  • Copy of your CUSTOMS DECLARATION FORM 4457, 
  • Copy of PASSPORT
  • and your FLIGHT ITINERARY.